We offer a multidisciplinary approach to bodywork that incorporates Swedish, Sports and Thai massage techniques as well as stretching and mobilization of the soft tissues. We go beyond the ‘typical’ massage.

Sports Massage is a specific treatment tailored to the needs of the athlete. Dan focuses on the management of acute and chronic injuries often seen with competitive athletes. Although data is still being collected and studies are in progress concerning the specific effects of Sports Massage, every athlete can greatly benefit from regular treatment to improve overall performance. Some examples include:

Being an active Sports Massage Therapist as well as a Physical Therapist, Dan not only understands where the muscles originate and insert but how the muscles and joints function during static and dynamic motion. As an experienced practitioner he is knowledgeable in biomechanics, pain management, injury prevention and sports specific injuries to completely support every athlete. A runner is not treated in the same manner a cyclist might be or a baseball player versus a soccer player. Each sport has dynamic demands on the athletic body that is specific to the sport and Dan fully understands those demands and can treat them effectively.

A thorough interview will guide the therapist on how to best achieve the receiver's desired goals whether they are short- or long-term in nature. The more specific you are, the more specific we can be to suit your needs.

Treatments can be a ‘standard’ treatment in which the client/patient is fully disrobed and professionally draped with a sheet, or more ‘non-traditional’ where the receiver is fully clothed. Both options offer distinct advantages depending on the comfort and needs of the client.